Our Procedure

Our “recruitment procedure starts after receiving the following documents from the employer / company. The procedure of recruitment is simple and starts with preparation of recruitment documents in favor as follows

Job search and job interview, female candidate is a new employee.

Planning and Sourcing

The most critical aspects of the recruiting process are identifying, attracting and encouraging the right talent. Candidate searches are proactive for potential employees to fill existing and future employment openings. We source applicants through traditional advertising, Internet ads and the databases of our candidates

Asian beautiful woman video call with hr manager for job interview.

Interview and Screening

Screening is a method that is used to assess the skills and potential eligibility of a candidate for a role he/she has applied for. We help recruiters and management to concentrate more on applicants with shortlisting minimal basic qualifications. We perform screenings, depending on the requirement of the company, via telephone, video, all or directly in person.


Selection and Onboarding

The onboarding of employees is important in the process of recruiting. The employee shall be informed of the date and time of joining. Then pre-employment screening with reference and background inspections is carried out. If the check has been performed, workers will be issued a visa and air tickets to their destination company. The employee initiation process starts with their organization.